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What is MOT?

If you own a vehicle, you better know the norms to follow as a good civilian. MOT is a yearly check of the vehicle in full just to see if it is good-to-go on road. This starts after you have driven your car for three years.

Get your car MOT tested once and no worries for the rest of the year, just drive away. There are authorised centres throughout the United Kingdom. Blackhurst Garages is one such centre for MOT Whitchurch.

How to pass the MOT test?

Passing an MOT test and getting a certificate is important but not that difficult a task. Some of the basic things that it checks are as follows:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Windscreen
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Steering
  • Horn
  • Doors
  • Seat and seat-belts
  • Mirrors
  • Bonnet
  • Number plate
  • Fuel system
  • Emission
  • Exhaust
  • Body
  • Suspension

Though it’s easy to pass but being too casual can make you pay for it. So, it is advised to take your car for routine servicing as it helps to be on the safe side. A well-maintained car has less or absolutely no probability of failing the MOT Whitchurch test.

Many don’t make it for absolutely petty reasons. Don’t worry, we are here to help you at every step. Our expert technicians will check and repair if anything is required before MOT check or testing with your permission.

MOT Rumour

There is an incorrect notion regarding the existence of a daylight MOT for unlit vehicles. Please know that there exists no such variation of MOT. Cars and automobiles without any light are given a certificate for daylight use. That has no connection with MOT certificates.

Duration of the test

MOT testing does not require much time. With the skills of our trained mechanics you will be done with it in an hour at the most. But in case you require servicing before it for passing the test certainly, we can also do that in no time. Get in touch with our verified mechanics for MOT Whitchurch and around it.

MOT Retest

If you fail the test once you are allowed only one re-test per car after a 10 day duration gap. For more detailed information regarding this, contact our customer service associates. Blackhurst Garages is always at your service and ready to guide you in all possible ways.

Advantages of an MOT Certification

MOT certification is helpful for all the vehicle owners as it mandates to keep in check the health of your vehicle. Ignoring it can be dangerous both in respect to safety and law. MOT testing is meant for the safety and security of all the vehicle owners as well as the environment and other citizens.

So, why waste any more time? Be quick to check your MOT certificate expiration date and get in touch with us for your next check. You can contact us through mail or call us, even better if you drive up to our station.

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