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Tyre Pressure?

Most vehicle owners are aware of tyre pressure surely. If not, it is just what the name suggests, the amount of air in the tyres. Tyre pressures are measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) units.

Though it seems a very insignificant detail it would be your biggest blunder to neglect its importance. Tyre pressure is responsible for the proper balancing of the wheels of your car or another automobile. So checking it from time to time is very important.

Ways to check the Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure can be checked both at home or in the garages or service centres with the help of proper tools. There are many devices like the tyre pressure gauge, air compressor, etc. available in the market for checking the tyre pressure of vehicles. Some high-end vehicles have an automatic alert for low tyre pressure.

Though it is possible to check on your own, it is a strenuous job. Why will you waste your energy at it when you can check it on your way to work or a drive? Blackhurst Garages provides tyre pressure check services too along with other automobile servicing. So for any sort of tyre pressure check Whitchurch come to us.

Optimum PSI

Optimum tyre pressure level can be found written in the owner’s manual and also mentioned in the sticker pasted at the car’s door jamb. It usually is ranged between 30 and 35 PSI. This is the accurate tyre pressure level that allows the vehicle to operate in an economic way. Too much or too less air pressure in the tyres can cause trouble and lead to serious conditions.

To avoid taking any risk with your car’s tyre pressure, drive over to Blackhurst Garages first on your way out and get it set.

Reasons for tyre pressure reduction

There are several reasons for tyre pressure reduction. Some common factors are:

  • Damaged valves
  • Leaks due to the damage of the rim
  • Cuts and punctures of the tyre
  • Improper assembling of the tyres, valves, etc.
  • Quality of the material of a tyre (as natural penetration is determined from it)
  • Influence of the temperature of the tyre as well as the atmosphere

Importance of tyre pressure maintenance

  • It is important to avoid accidents at the traffic which are very common. Low tyre pressure can result in delayed braking. Over-inflated tyres are risky too.
  • Maintaining proper tyre pressure is economic. Fuel efficiency is the most with optimum tyre pressure.
  • Low tyre pressure can lead to wearing off of your tyre way before its time. The longevity of the tyre depends a lot on the tyre pressure maintenance.
  • Proper tyre pressure also helps to save our environment from unnecessary pollution by reducing fuel consumption.

Tyre Pressure check frequency

It is best to check your tyre pressure once every month. Some even advise to check it once in three months.

Whatever be your choice, we welcome you at Blackhurst Garages for skilled handling of your vehicle. Visit us during business hours to enjoy complete tyre-care in your budget.

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