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Leading Tyre Manufacturer?

Surely you must have heard about Dunlop tyres. It is one of the leading tyre manufacturing brands in the world owned and operated by various companies in different countries. The company is named after John Boyd Dunlop who is the founder of it as well. He founded it originally in the Birmingham city of England in 1889. One of the best options for tyre purchase and Blackhurst Garages is just the place where you will find it.

Dunlop tyres belong to the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company mostly in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia. Only limited car service providers in the UK are authorised sellers of Dunlop tyres. Fortunately, we are one of those few and if you live anywhere near drive to us for Dunlop Tyres Whitchurch.

Why Choose Dunlop Tyres?

There is more than one reason for considering Dunlop over any other tyre manufacturing brand.

  • Founder of Dunlop tyres is the one to make the revolutionary invention of pneumatic tyres. No wonder this company would know the basics of it the best.
  • Over the decades Dunlop tyres have remained among the top of this industry. They have been quite competitive and so in the process developed and grew better at it.
  • Dunlop Tyres claim to be good at making both sports tyres and consumer tyres. We find Dunlop tyres being used broadly in the racing and other related championships. There must be a reason for that. Therefore, whatever be your requirement, they are ready for it.
  • If quality is the most important then what other alternative are you left with other than Dunlop tyres? It has achieved the world-class standards of tyre manufacturing and is trying to surpass it as much possible even. Isn’t it amazing?
  • They are considerate towards all kinds of customers and so they make varieties of tyres. For example, if you have a heavy-load carrier or maybe a passenger car or just a family car, you will find Dunlop tyres serving your need the best.
  • For over a century now, Dunlop tyres have remained the favourite of the consumers as the company keeps their customer’s safety as well as their comfort as their priority. Be it the city dweller, town purchaser, commercial buyer, or a consumer of any other sector, they provide enough choices for each. Their promise is their affordable and satisfactory products.
  • Another incredible development has been winter tyres and summer tyres too. This proves that they are honest about their priority towards their customers.

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