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wheel alignment

Vehicle pulling significantly to the left or right while you travel on a straight, flat road with a little crosswind or tyres wearing abnormally may be some obvious signs of visiting us. Improper wheel or tyre alignment can result in your tyres wearing unevenly and prematurely. Misalignment can hamper the overall performance of your vehicle along with putting your safety into question. If you are looking for a reliable tyre-care service provider, contact our team in Whitchurch.

We at Blackhurst Garages strive to deliver precise results matching manufacturer’s standards at affordable prices. Get in touch with our customer care executives to register your spot today.

Why Tyre Alignment?

Wheel Alignment affects the amount of wear and tear that tyres endure; factors crucial in ensuring excellent road holding and the safety. Some of the specific types of undue tread under misalignment include feathering it treads smooth on one side while sharp on another. This is an indication of improper alignment of the toe. Camber Wear it is caused by positive or negative camber, this strain of tread wear takes into account the relative higher worn issues on the inside or outside of the tread than in the centre. Heel/Toe Wear it is a sign of under inflation and/or lack of rotation. Running your hand over the tread will resemble saw teeth, in this type of strain. To get more information about proper wheel alignment Whitchurch, call our experts.

Wheel alignment is perfect for cars with a solid rear axle. It is one of the basic types of wheel alignment and also corrects any misalignment of the front axles. Recommended for vehicles with a solid rear suspension. While, thrust alignment ensures proper alignment of all four wheels. It ensures better fuel economy with minimised tyre wear for your vehicle. Designed to align cars with independent suspensions, this is considered to be the best way of alignment by the experts coalescing both the thrust and front-end wheel alignment system into one. It covers the misalignment on front and/or back wheels owing to the angle of deviation of a wheel from the straight front (also called a ‘toe’). Apart from this, the services strive to ensure the correctness of the distance of the wheels on the same axle.

Why us?

Wheel alignment saves your pocket as tyre replacements are required less frequently, increases the life of your tyres, optimises the handling of your vehicle and provides a smoother drive with less tyre rolling resistance. Hence, it increases the overall performance of your vehicle.

With a team of highly skilled professionals equipped with state-of-the-art wheel alignment technology and a profound physical presence, we have assured solutions to almost everything your car may require.

Bring your car to Blackhurst Garages to experience best wheel-repair. You can book an appointment with us online, on the phone, or via the email. Feel free to walk-in to our garage during business hours to experience excellent wheel-care in your budget.

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