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Winters are the time when your car tyres need to be transitioned from the summer ones, and this process might often get taxing for most car owners. Making this shift is crucial when it comes to ensuring the best performance of your vehicle, along with keeping it safeguarded from harsh winters. 

Our professional team is here for any of your tyre changing needs. Blackhurst Garages is readily available to ensure you have a smooth and safe ride. Guaranteeing your tyre's traction is our number one priority. Call us today and we will get working on fulfilling your winter tyres Whitchurch needs. 

Why are winter tyres so critical? 

Winter tyres have a higher natural rubber content, giving them a softer structure. While summer tyres would harden by the time the temperature reaches seven degrees Celsius, these tyres would stay soft in temperatures far below that. Winter tyres also have a different tread pattern with wider grooves, along with narrow slits at the edge of the tread area. 

If you are not using winter tyres in temperatures below seven degrees Celsius, you are bound to experience some of the following problems: 

  • Poor acceleration. 
  • Low rolling resistance, meaning your brake distances will be much longer.
  • Loss of traction. 
  • Poor grip.
  • Risk of damage as the cold weather will cause the tyre tread to stiffen. It may lose its elasticity and crack.
  • The possibility of manoeuvring is minimal as it can cause your car to slip or spin at the smallest displacement of the steering wheel. 

Precautions about changing your tyres

If you know how to change a flat tyre, changing from summer to winter tyres is pretty easy. All it requires is knowledge, practice, and a little bit of confidence. Before changing your tyres though, there are some things you need to know and take into consideration:

  • Never mix your tyres. Do not change just the rear or the front tyres to winter ones. It will create largely varying levels of grip, making the car harder to dive. 
  • You need a set of steel wheels to mount to the winter tyres, rather than the standard alloy wheels a normal car comes with. 
  • You can rent winter tyres, but it is cheaper in the long-run to buy your own set. 
  • You should change your tyres as soon as you can see your breath in the morning or when the weather starts to stay consistently under seven degrees Celsius. 
  • Same as summer tyres, you should not use winter tyres in the summer. 

Why choose us?

We are a fully operational garage here to attend to your tyre changing needs. Yes, you can change your tyres yourself, but there is no replacing a professional team. We can suggest the most cost-effective plans for you, as well as provide the latest models of winter tyres. 

Our job is to make this process comfortable and easy for you, which is why our friendly and highly trained workers are available at all times to answer any and all questions and guide you through this process. Call us today to get your tyres changed.

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